Mission & Vision

Incyclix Bio is advancing next-generation precision treatments to regain control of the cell cycle where aberrant proliferation is a fundamental driver of many cancers. We believe the CDK family is a rich source of of novel cancer targets worthy of drug development. Our team is applying its unsurpassed expertise and deep knowledge of CDK inhibitors to bring hope to people with advanced and resistant cancers.

Dysregulated kinase activity of specific CDK family members drives uncontrolled cellular proliferation – a hallmark of cancer. Recent advances in cancer treatment using selective CDK4/6 inhibitors has redefined the treatment of hormone receptor positive breast cancer patients. Unfortunately, many tumors rely on other CDK family members, such as CDK2, to drive uncontrolled proliferation thus necessitating the need for new therapeutic approaches beyond CDK4/6 to regain cell cycle control.

Founding Story

Today is a good day to cure cancer. That was the shared vision written on a lab whiteboard in the early days of our scientific journey. The founding scientific team’s partnership dates back to 2009, when team members worked shoulder-to-shoulder in an incubator space at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to create what is now G1 Therapeutics.

After successfully delivering three well-tolerated and active compounds to the clinic, and pioneering a novel therapeutic indication, the scientific team has launched Incyclix Bio to apply its unique experience and knowledge in pursuit of novel cancer treatments.

Since first joining forces, the team has never lost sight of the fact that getting treatments to patients is the ultimate goal. With a natural chemistry, and substantial experience and scientific understanding of targeting CDKs, the team has a new mantra on its whiteboard:

Today is an even better day to cure cancer.